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Easy to store

Use as needed, store flat when not in use.


Store cables, wires, ropes, Christmas lights.


Made from plastic and can be recycled.

Cable/Wire/Cord Organizer & Holiday Light Storage

For Cables - Too many cables/wires/cords around your house or garage? Our WrapnStore is a perfect cable management solution to tame that ugly tangled mess. You snap the product into a spooler, and start wrapping. It is portable and keeps your wires together and neatly organized.

For Christmas Lights - Keep your string lights and electric cords tangle-free. WrapnStore is a perfect light organizer that stores and protects multiple light strings during the off holiday season. 


Bring the ends together

Anchor the section with 2 legs to the bottom of the section with the plank. Keep the plank outside.

Press inside

Use your hand to press the plank inside and lock it in place.

Start wrapping

Lock the ending of your Christmas lights/cable in the opening and start wrapping.


I went from sceptical to a fan within just a few minutes.

Worked perfectly for wrapping my 100ft Ethernet cable!

This works great! I wrapped immediately my Christmas Lights!

Super simple, easy and unique solution. Love this inovative company!

It folds flat when not in use. This is handy if you store cables, cords, Christmas lights.