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How To Tame Your Cords With a Cable Organizer?

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The problem: Tangled cables

It can be such a hassle to keep your cables, cords, wires organized. This is especially true when you have many cables or extension cords to store.

Wrap-n-Store solution

Thanks to our creative solution you no longer have to wrap the cables around your arm's length, fasten them with zip-ties and hang them on the wall. 

If you've been struggling with cable management check out below how to use our brilliant solution to organize your cords without using any cable ties. 

And looking for an eccentric way to use your storage space, Wrap-n-Store folds when not in use and in seconds, assembles back into a spooler ready to store your cables safely anywhere you like.  

This means you won't deal anymore with tangled mess of wires and save yourself a headache!

 Below are the steps to fold Wrapnstore!



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