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SMART Christmas Lights Storage Solution You'll Love

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This Christmas Lights Solution keeps you away from the frustration with tangled Christmas Lights and saves you time to enjoy holidays with your family. 

The problem: Tangled lights

You picked the perfect Christmas tree and all Christmas decorations are waiting somewhere in the storage, maybe you invested in some new ones. Finally that time of the year came and everyone is in tune with the holiday spirit and ready for decorating the tree. 

Nothing can frustrate you as quickly as seeing the tangled mess when you retrieve your lights from the Christmas storage box. 

Wrap-n-Store - Christmas Lights Divider

Store outdoor Christmas decorations easier. The longer the string the better is to use a smart solution, one that is reusable, recyclable and stores flat when not in use. No more plastic containers.

Christmas lights can't be recycled like plastic bottles, because they are made up of several different components including glass, plastic and metal. Fortunately, there are things you can do and one of them is to make sure you store your Christmas lights safely. 

So that the next year you simply unspool the lights onto the tree, instead of fighting with the tangled strings. 

Save time! Keep your Christmas lights organized and stored safely. 



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