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Untangler SMALL Set - 2 Pieces


  1. MULTI-PURPOSE: Great Use for cables, Christmas lights, extension cords, strings, yarn perfect to have at your house, garage, basement, office, boat, RV and construction sites. 
  2. RIGID AND DURABLE: Made from flexible corrugated plastic, with strong structure, high-impact and perfect reel for many applications.
  3. COMPACT SIZE - SPACE SAVING: Stores more cables and wires up to 150 ft, Christmas lights up to 100 ft, and ropes up to 100 ft with its unique design and stores flat when not in use.
  4. AVOID TANGLED UP MESS: Removes the frustration of twisted and tangled up Christmas lights, cables, extension cords, wires, yarn so you aren't wasting valuable time untangling them!
  5. Made in the USA from RECYCLED PLASTIC for repeated use.
  6. Christmas light is not included.

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