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"I got all the lights to work, nobody moves till Christmas!"

Funny right? But not really. I will need both hands to count how often I heard this phrase in my family. Sometimes it was easier to buy new Christmas lights than to untangle the mess we found in the storage box. 

Over the years we tried different spoolers on the market. Some of them broke easily, some did not have the capacity to store our full-house decoration. We tried the cardboard boxes as well, but got frustrated especially when they bent from wrapping a longer string. 

I decided the best way to fix our problem was to invent our own solution. Having my job at that time and a family to feed, I worked during the nights, got a loan to spend it on the tooling and the patent to bring WrapnStore idea to light. 

I still remember having the first inventory in our living room when my niece, 10 years old at that time, wrapped a network cable around WrapnStore and it worked perfectly fine. This is how I brought a new member in the team. I remember writing on the board "WrapnStore is a cable management solution that words perfectly for Christmas lights, storage as well." Then we stamped, packaged them manually and wrote cards by hand. What fun we had that day!

Now we've got a real product and our biggest mission with bringing WrapnStore to market is to find other people as passionate about smart solutions as we are. 

Cable, Wire, Cord Organizer

WrapnStore Cable Tamer is a cable storage solution. We call it the perfect cable roller that keeps your wires, extension cords under control. Our cable organizer has a unique design. It is portable and stores flat when not in use.

One cable tamer has a storage capacity up to 75 ft for network cables, cords, wires and up to 50 ft for ropes. No more nests of extension cords and power strips clutter in your house. 


Holiday Light Storage

No more wrapping around your arm length. No more cardboards, ziploc bags, clothes hangers or plastic containers. The longer the string the better is to use a smart solution. 

WrapnStore Untangler is the perfect light organizer which keeps your string stored safely and neatly. It is reusable, literally indestructible, recyclable and stores flat when not in use. 

It stores up to 35 ft of LED, bulb C3-C7 Christmas lights and with the Untangler LARGE Set - 8 Pieces you've got your FULL-House Decoration covered.

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