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Dealing with cable mess is still a massive pain

If you're reading this, it's probably safe to assume you've got a real cable mess that makes your home life a headache from time to time. And you probably think on how to organize your cables and keep those wires neatly and tidy stored. You might even have searched for cord management ideas.

Don't worry, eventually, we all end up with drawers or boxes full of cable spaghetti.

But how to organize those nests of cables/wires/cords?

Cable, Wire, Cord Organizer

WrapnStore Cable Tamer is a cable storage solution. We call it the perfect cable roller that keeps your wires, extension cords under control. Our cable organizer has a unique design. It is portable and stores flat when not in use.

One cable tamer has a storage capacity up to 75 ft for network cables, cords, wires and up to 50 ft for ropes. No more nests of extension cords and power strips clutter in your house. 

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