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Looking for a business opportunity? 

WrapnStore is looking for a distributor. 

Since 2000, the holiday lighting industry has grown at an exceptional rate every year and Americans spending roughly $8.5 billion on holiday lighting. 

Imagine the possibilities that could bring to your company if you could get in on a fraction of that business. You have the employees. You have the vehicles sitting in your lot. You have existing customers that trust you and will buy from you. All you need is good products. 

WrapnStore is a new patented product with a unique design that keeps your Christmas lights, cables, wires, cords stored safely and securely for repeated use. It is easy to store, multipurpose, and recyclable. 

It has 4-openings to lock the ending of the cables. It stores cables and wires up to 75 ft, Christmas lights up to 35 ft, and ropes up to 50 ft with its unique design and stores flat when not in use.

It is rigid and durable. It is made from flexible corrugated plastic.

It is multi-purpose - great use for cables, Christmas lights, extension cords, strings, yarn perfect to have at your house, garage, basement, office, boat, RV and construction sites.

It is easy-to-use - you can snap it  in seconds into a triangle spooler.

WrapnStore is a USA manufactured Product. Packaging, warehousing, and servicing is done in beautiful San Francisco.


See what our clients say about WrapnStore: HERE 

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