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1. Can I reuse the product?

Yes, Wrap n’s store is made with corrugated plastic that is durable and designed to be reused over and over again.

2. Can I distribute the product?

Yes, please contact us if you are interested in distributing and/or reselling the WrapnStore.

3. Is the product safe?

Absolutely! WrapnStore is a packaging solution made from PVC plastic and is completely safe.

4. Do you ship outside the USA?

We ship Wrap n’ Store worldwide.

5. Can I purchase the product in bulk?

Yes. Please contact us for additional details.

6. How does it fold?

WrapnStore simply comes with imprinted folding instructions. 1. Fold the product 2. Bring the ends together 3. Fold the arrow inside and press 4. Lock the beginning of the cable/wire/rope in the opening 5. Start wrapping

7. How durable is the product?

WrapnStore is made from corrugated plastic and it is extremely durable.

8. Does it come in different sizes?

WrapnStore is available in one size currently. We are planning to release several other sizes for different applications.

9. Does it come in different colors?

WrapnStore is available in white currently, but we are planning to add blue and green colors as well.

10. Can I include that in different packaging?

Yes. The product stores flat when not in use and can be packaged with other products for resell.

11. How long does it take to ship?

Shipping in the USA takes typically 2-3 days and International 7-10 days.

12. Is your product available in stores?

WrapnStore is currently not available in stores.